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Since forming in 2001, Awake has remained at the forefront of developments in fatigue risk management

Awake are leaders in fatigue management training to the aviation industry, providing traditional and e-learning methods. We have played a leading role in the development of the DHL Air Fatigue Risk Management System. This work has gained worldwide recognition as industry best practice and inspired similar programmes across other airlines, with the approval of the CAA and BALPA. 

We work with UK airlines and their in-house safety teams to monitor, investigate and manage aircrew fatigue.

With the use of the Actiwatch device we can monitor and investigate levels of pilot fatigue. Once the data has been analysed we can provide downloadable sleep plans for specific routes which are designed to enable pilots to manage and prepare accordingly for their flight.

Research into sleep and sleepiness, impacting drivers, truckers, sleep apnoeics, pilots, people at work, shift workers and children. We also specialise in the following:

 Optimise sleep for performance, e.g. football (Leicester City and West Ham) 
 Shift work rota evaluation
 Evaluation of sleep products such as bedding, moisturisers and sleep products
 Measure and monitor existing fatigue
 Develop solutions to fit the business need
 Individual assessment and advice
 Staff surveys

Education and Training
Awake specialises in developing bespoke training programmes - ranging from lunchtime 'toolbox talks' through to multiple-day seminars accompanied by film and problem-based learning activities.

Our interactive training is based on a scientific understanding of tiredness, including the effects of drugs and alcohol. The emphasis is on engaging the audience, and we provide them with practical advice that can be implemented in their everyday lives.
We deliver training to managers, drivers, shift workers, pilots, and city professionals, tailoring our approach and delivery to suit the needs of our clients. No matter how 
large or small the organisation, we can develop an appropriate solution.

Awake’s e-learning courses for pilots and cabin crew help to educate them in fatigue and sleep management. The convenience of online learning makes it a popular option for busy professionals. The information is delivered in an interactive manner using various templates including: video clips, quizzes, drag and drop and graphic tour. READ MORE >

Staff Surveys
Awake are expert in creating bespoke staff surveys designed to focus on, and identify early, areas where sleepiness might be an issue. Once identified these issues can then be speedily addressed through targeted Awake training techniques and strategies.Products.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
UK Road Safety

PACTS The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, is a registered charity and an associate Parliamentary Group. Its objective is "To promote transport safety legislation to protect human life” by advising Parliament on air, rail and road safety issues.

BRAKE is a national road safety charity with two aims: “To prevent death and injury on the roads through education of all road users and campaigning for Government improvements to road safety.” and “To care for people who are bereaved or affected by serious injury in a road crash through support services, including a helpline and literature distributed through police officers.”

Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DSA) is an executive agency of the Department for Transport and is part of the Driver, Vehicle and Operator group. DSA's aim is to promote road safety through improving driving standards by: 1) testing drivers, motorcyclists and driving instructors fairly and efficiently through the theory test and practical driving test; 2) maintaining the registers of approved driving instructors and Large Goods Vehicle Instructors. They operate over 400 UK driving test centres.

RoadPeace UK is a charity that champions the rights of road crash victims to ensure the trauma they suffer is acknowledged. To this end, RoadPeace documents the experiences of road crash victims, to inform and influence policy makers, agencies, the media and the public.

Sleep and Human Health 
The Journal of Sleep Research published by the European Sleep Research Society, is an international journal that promotes research into the field of sleep and wakefulness, including biological rhythms and dreaming, promoting the exchange of ideas between scientists internationally.

Air Safety

The Flight Safety Foundation is an international organisation providing impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the aviation and aerospace industry.

The Aviation Safety Network covers accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets. 

The Civil Aviation Authority
is the UK's aviation regulator. The CAA ensure that:
the aviation industry meets the highest safety standards 
consumers have choice, value for money, are protected and treated fairly when they fly 
drive improvements in airlines and airports’ environmental performance
the aviation industry manages security risks effectively.


CHIRP Aviation and Maritime Confidential Incident Reporting
The aim of CHIRP is to contribute to the enhancement of aviation safety in the UK and maritime safety worldwide, by providing a totally independent confidential (not anonymous) reporting system for all individuals employed in or associated with these industries.